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The power of NanoShutters

The future of window blinds is here

Windows drain energy and reduce privacy. NanoShutters can be fully automated to turn your window opaque or transparent according to the weather and your schedule. They can help lower heating and cooling costs by up to 20%, while always enabling privacy when you need it.


Easy to install

If you’re comfortable putting up a poster and setting up a toaster, you can install NanoShutters yourself. It takes less than 30 minutes. See how easy it is.

You can also get installation from a local NanoShutters Certified Professional.

Integrate into your home or office

Automation made easy

We know you love your home automation system so we are working on ways to integrate NanoShutters with the Nest Thermostat, SmartThings, and Control4. Control your home's temperature, light, switches, doors, and now windows, all through the same app. If you do not have any of those products, not to fear, we provide our own software.

Energy Saving

It is important to let in the correct amount of sunlight into rooms. NanoShutters can automatically adjust how much solar radiation passes through windows. This ensures rooms are kept warm during winter, and cool during the summer.


Whether you want to enable privacy of your windows when you leave the house, or adjust their transparency remotely, we've got you covered.


Learns your schedule and preferences, detects the weather, and automatically adjusts itself.


Control your windows on the couch

or on the go. View software demo.


Sleep in a dark room with frosted windows, wake up in a bright room with transparent ones. NanoShutters learns your schedule and preferences and programs itself. It will know when you usually wake up, when you go to work, and when you need some privacy.

About Us

Developed by Lumotune Inc.

We are a startup company based in Waterloo, Ontario. Lead by three nanotechnology engineers, Shafi Siddiqi, Matin Esfahani, and Hooman Safaee, we aim to further integrate electronic displays into the lives of human beings. When electronic displays or window blinds are not being used, they should not be visible and essentially, it should be as though they cease to exist. That is the basis of what we do - what we love doing. We believe that technology is at its very best, at its most empowering, when it simply disappears.

We are just getting started. NanoShutters is just the beginning, and there is a lot more on the way. We are already working to extend the concept of our technology into tiny pixels, which would make large, reflective, transparent displays.

Click here to read more about our team, culture and career opportunities.

Shafi Siddiqi

Technology Lead

Matin Esfahani


Hooman Safaee

Business Development


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